Web School Scholarship Program
In 1998 the most significant and finally hugely rewarding efforts for Webb began with fundraising for our Webb Elementary School scholarship program.
An extremely ambitious undertaking began with intent to give a $750 per semester scholarship for enrollment in college or trade school to every graduate of Webb Elementary who completed high school. Our Club hoped this would be an incentive for Webb Students to finish high school and further their education. The goal was to “stop the cycle” of poor education and lower the rate of high school dropouts.
To facilitate fund raising and provide fiduciary oversite of the funds managed, the Arlington Rotary Foundation was founded as a 5013c in 1995. Phillip Stork was our first Foundation president.
The first scholarships were awarded in 2002. The scholarships were presented to Hang Thuy Do and Heather Nicholls. Since that time the scholarship funds in the Foundation have grown to well over $2,100,000. Scholarships have been awarded to between 800 and The Webb Scholarship program has not only greatly benefited countless students with advanced education it has garnered wide acclaim for the club both within the district and nationwide. In 2012 the Rotary Club or Arlington was singled out as one of 10 Rotary Clubs nationwide with recognition as Champions of Change.
As a result, our club was represented at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, D.C. by one of the many founders instrumental in developing the scholarship program, Jim Fulgham, who was Webb Scholarship chair at the time.