How did "The HubCap", our Weekly News and Information sheet, get its start?

The history we have for our club between 1923 and 1946 is mostly from handwritten notes and occasional Presidents’ yearly recaps found in the archives as well as stories passed down from members generation to generation.

Today we rely on our weekly HubCap to keep us informed and up to date on current Club events. So how did The HubCap get its start? This glimpse into the history of the Club comes from an
anecdote in Ramblings of a Country Doctor written by Zack Bobo, Jr., MD:

“My good friend Bob Cooke, when he was not on the golf course or fishing off the coast, wrote the following article and published it in the Arlington Citizen-Journal:

In May 1946, “Doc” as president elect, along with his Vice President, Duncan Robinson, went to the Rotary Conference at Amarillo as the official delegates of the Arlington club. As their expenses were paid by the club, they went by train so they could relax, so they said. However, when they arrived at Amarillo, they discovered the two lowly alternates, Spurge Hood and the writer, who had gone there by Ford, were already waiting in the best suite the hotel had.

After we showed them how to play 42 and toured all the night clubs, we really got acquainted.

To make a long story short, Doc and Duncan cancelled their train trip and returned to Arlington with Hood and me. On the trip home the now famous Hub Cap was born. Bobo took over the president’s job on July 1st. His Vice President Robinson was the first editor of the Hub Cap, and we merchants took out ads at $5.00 each to pay for the printing, which George Hawkes did at cost.”
Our archives contain volumes of written information in the past issues – it is entertaining and informative to peruse and take a trip back in time!