Downtown Arlington
Aug 20, 2020
Maggie Campbell President/CEO
Downtown Arlington

With a growing downtown workforce of more than 8,000 people, along with 10,000 residents now living downtown – Downtown Arlington is becoming a different kind of place today, filled with new mid-level apartments, townhomes, restaurants, live music, offices and revamped streets. And it’s still growing.

It’s not random. Early strategic public investments in infrastructure helped set the table to attract private investment, and the creation of the Levitt Pavilion and Founders Plaza served as the first catalyst project for Downtown Arlington. A second major catalyst project was the University's $78 million investment in 2012 in the College Park Center development, bringing a 6,500 square foot Special Event Center, as part of a mixed use public-private partnership to provide more retail, entertainment, sports and parking infrastructure to our shared downtown district. 

The City of Arlington in 2018 adopted a new Downtown Master Plan to guide development in the Downtown and surrounding areas of the city. The Master Plan accounts for a wide range of existing and future uses to create a vibrant destination for residents and visitors. The Master Plan establishes a vision for Downtown Arlington as an area with a strong sense of place that is responsive to the history and future needs of the area. Additionally, the plan connects Downtown to the adjacent University of Texas at Arlington campus, as well as growing entertainment, employment, and commercial centers within Arlington – an amenity and attraction both to residents and to visitors. 

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