Three Minutes For A Dog
Mar 25, 2021
Paul R. Alexander, Author
Three Minutes For A Dog

Three Minutes For A Dog is the story of Paul's life with Polio and his personal struggle and victory over polio. It is his personal story from childhood to adulthood of his life in an iron lung, as only he can tell it. His voice is unique! 


Contrary to popular belief Polio is not extinct. This is the true story of an indomitable spirit afflicted with unimaginable physical and psychological challenges. Paul Alexander's life is a saga that started in 1946 and has been profoundly shaped by the Polio epidemic of the early 1950's. Survivors of the 1950's Polio Epidemic in America are rare. Polio victims, like Paul Alexander, who require the assistance of an "Iron Lung" respirator for their life's breath are even rarer. Paul Alexander has crafted his life against all odds and has a courageous and compelling story to share with us all.

Victims of Polio, their families, friends and communities are struggling to cope with this obscure but still dangerous infectious disease. This book is a testimony to the strength of the human spirit and an affirmation of the need to continue efforts to eradicate the pestilence of Polio from the planet. (