Rotary Club of Arlington and A Christmas Carol
We remember a long standing tradition for our Club – a rendition of “A Christmas Carol” by Dickens.
While reading the Hubcap archives it was determined that Duncan Robinson began reading “A Christmas Carol” in the late 1940s. It became a December tradition. In the December, 1978 Hubcap the following comments appeared “Duncan has done this review each year and he gets better as the years go by. Rotary is indebted to Duncan for his part in carrying on a tradition that is one of the club’s finest and the overflow of visitors is a testimony to the way in which the program is always received.” This marked the 30th year for Duncan’s reading. Of course it also mentions the Methodist Ladies providing a delicious holiday feast!
Stone Risinger continued the tradition for many years. Again, per the archives, it mentions Stone reading in 1988 and continuing until 2001. After Stone, the yearly reading disappeared and other programs took place. Occasionally club members have stepped in and read “A Christmas Carol” for the club. In recognizing our past to inspire the future let’s enjoy a special presentation of a tradition during our Club meeting this week.