Webb Scholarship recipient Veronica Rodrigues was recently inducted as a member the Arlington RC. As the April 30th speaker, Veronica shared her journey since receiving the scholarship
Peter Scott introduced speaker, Veronica Rodriguez and noted that after all these years she is the first Webb Elementary graduate to ever join Rotary! Her list of accomplishments is amazing!
She presented “Journey from Webb Scholar to Rotarian.” She told how hers was the first group to receive Webb scholarships in 1995 and that she and several of her class received them. She recalled Camp Grady Spruce and said her sister was also a Webb Scholar. She received a B.S. in International Political Economics with a focus on the Middle East. Veronica said it was due to Rotary’s help she was able to finish college with no debt. Bill Hinds encouraged her to apply for an Ambassadorial Scholarship. She did and was awarded this scholarship to study for her Masters in Santiago, Chile two years into the future. During that two years, she became a stewardess for United Arab Emirates and moved to Dubai where she met and worked with people from all over the world. At the end of two years, she moved to Santiago and studied at the prestigious University of Chile. While there she spoke to numerous Rotary Clubs all over the country. In 2014 she received her Masters in International Political Commercial Trading. She moved back to Dubai and worked in high quality disaster supplies. She now works at an International Humanitarian Logistics Data Bank. They work to improve communication and dissemination of disaster supplies to locations where they are needed when disasters like monsoons, hurricanes and civil unrest strike. She will soon return to Webb to help with the Read with Rotary program. She wants to reconnect with Webb Scholars and collect their stories.
Here are some fun facts about how Veronica was able to graduate college debt free.