Meet at Meadowbrook Park Recreation Center, "Rotary and the Park"
Jul 18, 2019
Sue Phillips
Meet at Meadowbrook Park Recreation Center, "Rotary and the Park"

Sue Phillips


Born and reared in Denton, Tx

B.A.       East Texas Baptist University

              Marshall, TX, 1965


Married:  Jimmy Phillips, August 17, 1962


Lived in Arlington, Tx since 1975, lived in East Arlington

Since 1979


Retired, Legal Assistant to Meto Miteff,

Attorney at Law, 1975 to 2016


Current Community Service:

              President, East Arlington Renewal

              1992 – present


              President, Arlington Sculpture Garden Foundation Board

              2014 - present


Some of Past Community Service Activities and Achievements:


  1. 2018 Volunteer of the Year

Arlington Police Department


2.    Served 3 full terms on Arlington

Parks & Recreation Board, 1999 – June 2016,

for a total of 14 years, Chair of Board 2003-2005


  1. Recipient of Texas Recreation & Park Society

Individual Outstanding Service Award, 2013


  1. Star-Telegram’s Woman of the Year, 1999-2000


  1. Went before City Counsel with Julia Burgen,

Steve McCullum, and Jan Miller to convince Council not

to vote for concreting Johnson Creek


6.    Committee Member, Johnson Creek I & II

Planning Committees


7.   Committee Member, original Beautification

Committee under Planning Dept, 1992


8.   Chair, East Sector Planning Committee


  1. Co-Chair of Citizens Bond Committee, 1999


  1. 1995 City of Arlington/United Way Volunteer of the Year


  1. Served on other various Ad Hoc committees and boards from 1992