Speaker Date Topic
Congressman Ron Wright May 30, 2019
The Current State of Affairs in Washington D.C. and District 6
Dwayne Lee Jun 06, 2019
All Gave Some - Some Gave All - The American Cemetery on Normandy, France

Dwayne Lee will go over the logistical numbers of the D-Day invasion and also provide a visual tour of this sacred ground where 9,387 U.S. Military service personnel are buried.

John Slover, ATF Agent - Retired Jun 13, 2019
The Visit

John was part of the response team on the bombing in Oklahoma City. Four of the team visited a school that had sent them thank you cards several weeks after the incident. The presentation deals with the human aspects of such an investigation and way first responders cope. John was a member of the four who took part in the visit.

Al Clark Jun 20, 2019
Rotary Club of Arlington Foundation Annual Meeting
(No lunch meeting today) Jun 27, 2019
Installation Banquet for 2019-20 Officers and Board